Its simple, click one button to get started. When the program finishes, a new folder, ALL_RECOVERED, will be created containing your recovered media. There are also supplemental programs to help view, zip and transfer recovered media to your computer contained within the app.

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The Recycle Bin works exactly like your computer's recycle bin. Simply start the recycle bin and the bin will be working in the background. Use any file browser program to navigate to the recycle bin folder to see deleted files.

Keep in mind that deleted media can be overwritten at anytime so there is no guarantee of recovery. Some users report success by restarting device or waiting a few days.

There are side effects of recovery algorithm such as blurry, low quality or 0 byte media. Our recovery algorithms are not perfect but we work hard on them everyday! No need to be alarmed, our recovery apps never modify original data, so your existing files are never modified. We still recommend backing up your media before running our recovery apps.

Yes we are developing additional recovery options! Please see our other apps some of which are currently under development.

Additional Recovery Apps